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MDM Inc. & Trome Announce Exclusive Distribution Relationship

MDM Inc. and Trome BV announce an exclusive distribution relationship to promote MDM’s Sequence®, Advance ®, Genesys® and C-Shell® pumps in European aquaculture, residential aquatics and industrial markets.  MDM, US-based manufacturer of non-metallic pumps and Trome, a Belgian manufacturer of drum filters, have been collaborating for 18 months to assemble pump and motor units in Europe.  This capability will enhance price competitiveness, as MDM pumps offer lowest total cost of ownership.

“As both organizations have a strong background in aquaculture, we are convinced that our combined experiences will make for impactful results in Europe, as we have today in the US,” said MDM Inc. Vice-President Ben Ashe.

MDM pumps offer resistance to corrosion (seawater and industrial solutions), simplicity of design, very high energy efficiency, low maintenance and long service life, achieving low total cost of ownership and low life cycle cost: the most important characteristics of all pump families. “It’s a match made in heaven,” according to Wouter Meeus, Lead Aquaculture of Trome, “as many of these characteristics correspond with those of our drum filters. Our philosophies line up very well.”

Ranging from a few to over 500 cbm per hour, the MDM Inc. pumps are of interest for many different applications like small research facilities, commercial grow out farms and all in between. In addition to the aquaculture sector, Trome will actively prospect in industries where corrosive fluid handling is applied and the residential segment (pools, boutique aquaculture, irrigation,…).

With the agreement in effect, the MDM – Trome collaboration will become visible by combined presence at trade shows and in advertising. Soon, new tools and products will be launched as well. “MDM strives to deliver value in product performance and innovative design, to maintain market leadership.  New higher performance Colossus® impeller technology is close to introduction, with DC motor and IoT controls,” says Ben Ashe.

Contact Trome:
Wouter Meeus
Lead Aquaculture
+32 470243737

Contact MDM Inc.:
Ben Ashe
+1 7193065351