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About QSYS® Systems

QSYS® is Much More Than a Pump: It’s a System.

MDM Pumps has developed the Qsys product by examining each component of a pump that limits efficiency, improving the efficiency of each of those components and then putting them all back together into a totally new product. Qsys has taken the fundamental efficient properties of high specific speed impellers and powered it by an innovative variable speed motor design. The modularity of the design allows for multiplexing in both series and parallel configurations. Its concealed “In-the-Pipe” design makes for clean and compact installations while protecting the critical moving parts from the external environment, and virtually eliminating mechanical noise.

  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems


Why Qsys?

As new Recirculating Aquaculture Systems continue to reduce wasteful energy requirements like high pressure, the Qsys modular axial flow pump technology will meet the demands of intensive high-flow low-head culture systems. Qsys is truly a disruptive technology that will enable efficient and sustainable aquaculture for generations to come.

Product Information

Qsys Statistics

  • Save Up to 600 GPM
  • Up to 10’ shutoff
  • Performances at 2HP and less
  • Modular design allows for easy redundancy
  • Low maintenance cost Seal-less Design

Qsys Flow Chart

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