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Richmond, British Colombia

Saltworks delivers innovative solutions that make clean water, concentrate brine, and achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD).  With plants sold worldwide and repeat orders from major international customers, Saltworks has an established history of designing, building, and operating full-scale water treatment systems

Since 2009, Saltworks has utilized MDM pumps in their proprietary desalination systems.  All of us at MDM are truly honored to have an innovative partner that believes in our products and services.  We are fortunate to be an OEM for such a stand-up company that provides a very important service to the world. 

Project Details


Industrial Desalination and brine management.  Process systems for corrosive fluids.

“Corrosion resistance is a key concern for Saltworks Technologies. We rely on MDM pumps to stand up to the world’s toughest waters in projects of all sizes, from pilot to full scale. Our industrial customers include mining, oil and gas, landfill, and others. MDM pumps span all these industries, reliably moving corrosive brines through our desalination equipment. Coupled with excellent customer service, we are proud to recommend MDM pumps.”

DEREK MANDEL, Director of Technology

Project Gallery

MDM Pumps inside containers at Saltworks installation
MDM Pumps Saltworks installation
Saltworks technician at work

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