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About ValuFlo® Pumps

Economy with Efficiency: The Name of the Game!

The people behind ValuFlo® pumps named the product line to reflect the stringent set of standards against which ValuFlo® performance is measured. ValuFlo® products were designed to achieve a unique level of economy – with high efficiency in a reliable, long-life pump. ValuFlo® products offer extremely low total cost of ownership.

  • Water Features

  • Garden Ponds

  • Koi Ponds

  • Hobbyist Aquarium

  • Irrigation

  • Hobbyist Hydroponics

  • Hobbyist Aquaponics


Why ValuFlo?

ValuFlo® embodies everything hydraulically that the Sequence brand does with a differentiating motor variation.  These pump configurations allow for the high-value product characteristics of efficiency, utmost longevity, and lowest acquisition cost.

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