MDM Pumps is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming RASTECH 2024 Conference & Trade Fair as a Show Guide Sponsor. The event, renowned for being the largest gathering in the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) industry, will take place from June 5-6, 2024, in Charlotte, North Carolina. This prestigious event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals to explore the latest advancements in aquaculture technology and sustainability.

Discover MDM Pumps at RASTECH 2024

As a Show Guide Sponsor, MDM Pumps is thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge pump solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the aquaculture industry. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation is reflected in the products we will be displaying at the event through our valued partners. Here’s where you can find our latest offerings:

Genesys Pump - Orange Circle

Aquatic Equipment & Design (Booth #24) – Genesys® 6×4-11

At booth 24, Aquatic Equipment & Design will be showcasing the innovative Genesys® 6×4-11 Pump. This pump is designed to provide superior flow and pressure capabilities, ensuring optimal water quality and circulation for aquaculture systems. Its efficient design reduces operational costs while maintaining peak performance, making it a top choice for industry professionals.

Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. (Booth #52) – Advance 4000

Stop by booth 22 to see the new MDM Advance 4000 pump, presented by Integrated Aqua Systems, Inc. This pump combines a compact design with outstanding power and efficiency. Ideal for medium to large-scale aquaculture systems, the Advance 4000 delivers exceptional water flow and energy efficiency. Designed to support the sustainable and productive growth of aquatic species, the Advance 4000 ensures top performance in demanding aquaculture environments.

Advance 3000 - Orange Circle

Delta Hydronics (Booth #60) – Advance 3000

Delta Hydronics, located at booth 60, will showcase MDM’s Advance 3000 pumps from the Advance Series. Renowned for their durability and efficiency, the Advance 3000 pumps deliver reliable service in demanding aquaculture environments. Engineered to handle a wide range of applications, from small hatcheries to large fish farms, these pumps ensure consistent and dependable performance, making them an ideal choice for aquaculture operations.

Sequence Colossus - Orange Circle

Ocean Designs (Booth #61) – Sequence® Colossus 750 Plus

Visit Ocean Designs at booth 61 to experience the power and reliability of the new Sequence® Colossus 750 Plus Pump. This pump is engineered for high performance and efficiency, making it ideal for large-scale aquaculture applications. The Colossus 750 Plus combines robust construction with advanced technology to deliver unmatched flow rates and energy savings.

Why Visit MDM Pumps at RASTECH 2024?

MDM Pumps is dedicated to advancing the aquaculture industry through innovative pumping solutions that promote sustainability and efficiency. By attending RASTECH 2024, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore our latest pump technologies: Learn about the unique features and benefits of our pumps directly from our knowledgeable partners.
  • Network with industry experts: Connect with professionals who share your passion for aquaculture and sustainable practices.
  • Discover solutions to enhance your operations: Find the right pump solutions to meet the specific needs of your aquaculture systems and improve overall productivity.

We look forward to seeing you at RASTECH 2024 and discussing how MDM Pumps can support your aquaculture endeavors. Don’t miss the chance to discover the latest innovations in pump technology and how they can benefit your operations.

For more information about MDM Pumps and our participation in RASTECH 2024, visit our website at MDM Pumps. To learn more about the RASTECH 2024 Conference & Trade Fair, visit RASTECH 2024.

Join us in shaping the future of aquaculture with innovative and efficient pump solutions!