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Our Story

MDM was founded as a non-metallic pump manufacturer in 1978 by Gene Ashe, a fourth generation pump specialist.  Gene’s great grandfather sold Dempster Windmills.  His grandfather purchased Shaw Pump and Gene’s father expanded the business selling Jacuzzi and Berkeley pumps.  The same way that farm and ranching families describe what they do as being in their blood and a way of life, pumps are a way of life for the Ashe family, with a fifth and sixth generation lined up to continue business development.

The inspiration for MDM was a proprietary seal design that Gene developed to be able to offer plastic pump technology for chemical processing applications, assuring fluid purity.  With insight gained as Gene says from standing on the shoulders of his forefathers, Gene bought tooling abandoned by Purex and made the product work.  Steps to develop the patented Impenatra® seal design for use in highly corrosive industrial applications have been a guide for continuous product, process and organization development at MDM – expressed in terms of Core Values.

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Meet Our Team

With over five continuous generations leading a closely-held pump business, each generation has contributed their own value and innovation to MDM. This unique relationship has built a pump company with a low employee turnover rate, high retention of talented people and the essence of a quality team.

Gene Ashe
Gene AshePresident & CEO
Ben Ashe
Ben AsheVP, Director of Sales & Marketing
Larry Tinker
Larry TinkerController
Stan Spence
Stan SpenceTechnical Sales & Production Engineer
Simon Neave
Simon NeaveMaterials & Production Manager
Brian Maldonado
Brian MaldonadoSenior Inside Sales Representative
Louis Williams
Louis Williams Inside Sales Representative
Dave Thomas, PE
Dave Thomas, PESales Manager & Application Engineer

MDM Core Values

Integrity – Characteristics supporting service to others. These include Humility requiring self-awareness to respect views of others, and consciousness of one’s own Limitations to enable collaboration, transparent communication and to build Trust.

Passion – Excitement about ideas and plans. Being Passionate is to exude enthusiasm, to listen well and to be involved in willing service to others. Passion is also the root for being Compassionate, extending mercy to others regardless of circumstance and being both slow to speak or to offer unsolicited advice.

Bias For Action – A state of mind determined to influence the state of our world. The combination of Character and Passion leave no doubt about what to do regardless of circumstance; Decisiveness follows. Perseverance results, as the sum of Confidence, Self-Assurance and Decisiveness.

Pioneering Spirit – Visualizing what lies beyond the present. The ability to imagine possibilities is Vision, the basic requirement to be an Innovator. Innovators question the status quo and welcome integration of new ideas.

Our Pumps

Multi-Duti Manufacturing, Inc. (MDM Pumps) has intensely cultivated its SEQUENCE®  and ADVANCE brand names since 1978. The names have come to mean high quality and innovation at a reasonable price within several pump market segments; Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer. The addition of trademark names like VALUFLO®, GENESYS®, and C-Shell® is a testament to an ongoing commitment to innovation and product development.

MDM Pumps shrimp farm installation

Recent Works

MDM Pumps has no lack of lasting relationships located in a multitude of markets.  We take pride in our products and projects delivered to our customers.

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For 40 years, Lifewater has been working to provide safe water to communities around the world. The Ashe family who founded MDM pumps and Lifewater, took family vacations to help orphanages, camps and churches install new water systems and pumps. The blessings of the pump business brought with it an opportunity to give and to serve. To learn more about Lifewater and how you can help those less fortunate, visit their website.

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