The importance of being cleared for take off.

Pictured above is our good friend Matt Jensen from Water Matters. He’s listening for flow separation within the pump inlet manifold of a newly commissioned Shark Tank Exhibit. Among many tools Matt was using to make certain the system was working effectively, the mechanic stethoscope was certainly a critical piece of arsenal utilized in this project.


“Sell a pump, sell a problem”

Anyone ever heard that? At MDM Inc. we don’t play that game. Most problems with pump systems can be identified at start up, that’s why we advocate a thorough commissioning process and require documentation to initiate our factory warranty. Pictured here is a step from our commissioning document that would identify any overload conditions with motor running amps and shell temperatures.

18403555_1314844391904126_1097383252599926831_n“Give me 160 GPM at about…….I don’t know……..30 feet of lift?” Yikes!

Pictured here is a portable ultrasonic flow meter. Another valuable tool any legit pump system expert should keep close when commissioning pump systems and kinetic devices such as horizontal end-suction centrifugal pumps need to be sized at their highest efficiency performance to provide the lowest total cost of ownership benefit. Otherwise, high maintenance and operational costs will vaporize the bottom line $$. Not to mention underperformance of productivity, the real killer of profits. That’s why taking the time to understand the fluid dynamics of your pump system should be a science, not guess work.