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Bradenton, Florida

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Bishop Museum of Science & Nature Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat is a 60,000-gallon Stage 2 rehabilitation facility modeled after a cypress spring that provides the animals with an environment that closely mimics their wild habitat. The system is designed to house manatees that were rescued from the wild after they became sick or injured.

MDM Pumps was engaged by The Bishop Museum to assist with renovations and retrofitting of their antiquated pump system from the early ’90s. This involved performing a system audit, identifying optimally sized pumps for the system, and assisting with the demo and retrofit of the facility. To accomplish this the system was updated using two MDM C-Shell pumpsC-Shell Basket Strainers, and WEG variable frequency drives. The end result was improved flow, reduced power consumption, and reduced operating decibels.

Project Details


South Florida Museum of Science


Public Aquaria & LSS


“Who knew what a difference an updated pump system can make? After the installation of our MDM C-Shell pumps we immediately saw a reduction in power consumption, improved flow rates, and a significant reduction in noise output. We can’t say enough about what a pleasure it was to work with the MDM team on this project. We are continually impressed with their dedication to customer service and making sure the job is done right.”


Project Gallery

South FL Museum of Science - MDM Pump Delivery
South FL Museum of Science - pump and strainer pot
South FL Museum of Science - pipe installation - pipe assembly
South FL Museum of Science - pipe removal
South FL Museum of Science - old equipment removed
South FL Museum of Science - pump install
South FL Museum of Science - MDM C-Shell pump

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