Application Spotlight: Advance Pumps Stand Up to Sea Water & Ozone

The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA is a pretty incredible organization.  Not only do they have a noble and worthy operation, but they have a state of the art facility with a skilled staff at the top of their game. We spent some time with Matt Hoard the head life support operator.  He told us during our visit at the facility that it’s one of his goals to be the most proficient, and advanced operator in the industry.

With all of what Matt has going on he’s definitely in contention for that title. Read below what Matt has to say about the pumps at his facility:

“In 5 years of using MDM Pumps (I have 20 of them operational), I have yet to repair any of them.  As with many fluid dynamic systems, the pump is the most important component in a Marine Mammal Life Support System.  None of the other system components will function without moving water, therefore its of utmost value to utilize a high quality and reliable pump.  Second to that, is working with a trusted supplier that stands behind the product.”

– Matt Hoard

Lead Life Support Operator

The Marine Mammal Center