Brecks International, Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide range of fishing lures from its plant in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Their products consist of high-quality fishing lures plated in 24k gold and genuine silver. A special protective coating is incorporated in the plating process of all silver-plated lures adding extended life to the precious metal reflecting qualities.

MDM was recently contacted by the General Manager of the Brecks Chemical Plating Department looking for assistance sourcing a backup pump for an old MDM pump that has been running in their facility for almost 20 years. We thought we might take the opportunity to ask a few questions about how this pump has performed over the years and Amanda, from Brecks, was kind enough to oblige:

MDM:  Where are you located?

Amanda:  “Brecks International Inc is located on Roy street in Sherbrooke, the plating department of Brecks International Inc (where the pump is being used) is located on Brodeur Street in Sherbrooke, Qc.”

MDM:  What type of pump is installed at your facility?

Amanda:  “Multi-Duti MFG.” (MDM Inc.)

MDM:  How many years has this pump been in operation?

Amanda:  “15-20 years”

MDM:  What is the pumps application? What does it pump, what product or service does it contribute to?

Amanda:  “The pump is being used in our plating department and has become an important part of our wastewater treatment system. Originally when the plating department opened no pump was needed as the liquid naturally flowed from one basin to another as it was being treated but overtime and as the plating department expanded, to meet our demands, another basin was added on top of the original basins to allow for further treatments to be made. This is when the pump became necessary.

In our plating department we treat both acids and cyanides. The pump is used to help with the treatment of the acids by pumping the acidic wastewater from one basin to the other so it can be properly treated to regulate the pH.”

MDM:  What has been your experience been with MDM’s products?

Amanda:  “We have been very pleased with our pump. It is certainly withstanding the test of time and continues to work very well despite being used 40 hours a week for the past 15-20 years. We have not had any issues with it since the installation and it has even been strong enough to withstand a few incidents without burning out the motor or damaging the pump like air getting into the pump and various particles, even a piece of a scratch pad! We have removed the cover of the pump a couple times to clean out the inside but otherwise it has not required any further work.”

MDM:  What has been your experience been with MDM as a company?

Amanda:  “The employees at MDM have been very pleasant and easy to work with thus far. Recently, I contacted them by email and received a response within 24 hours. Since the pump in question is over 15 years old I have decided it is time to order a new one to have as a replacement. Unfortunately overtime, the sticker on the old pump and motor has become barely legible so I had very little information to go off of but MDM was able to guide me in finding the right pump to meet my needs. I have since exchanged multiple emails and phone calls with various employees at MDM and everyone has been very helpful and I have always received a response promptly.”

MDM:  What drove you to select MDM from the beginning?

Amanda:  “I cannot say for sure but I believe it was recommended to us by a supplier at the time.”

MDM staff performed a system audit to size and spec a modern pump solution that fit Brecks needs. An Advance Non-Metallic Thermoplastic (Noryl®) 1000 Series pump was selected as the optimum backup replacement for the 20-year-old pump still in operation.