SDSU Pig Pump Project

Are you familiar with a pigging system? Traditionally they are used in the petroleum industry for cleaning and inspecting pipe systems. In the particular application below, the pigging system is used in a sea water intake to remove and clean any biological and marine life growth that takes place on the inlet and discharge piping that cause obstruction.

Mike Paquette writes:

“Our pigging system at the Coastal Waters Marine Laboratories at San Diego State University was powered by a 20-HP long-coupled, cast iron pump. Due to that pump’s huge footprint, I was motivated to find a more suitable solution. To my great surprise, I found an equivalent performance in a smaller footprint: The robust, close-coupled, 10 HP GENESYS® B73lean® pump. I was amazed that such a small pump could not only replace that beast, but actually outperform it in this application. Compared to previous projects taking multiple days and additional man power, the simplified configuration cut the installation time down by 75%. My new GENESYS® pump provided more time for other projects and less headaches, not to mention the significant savings in equipment and labor.”