PumpFlo & Product Literature for Genesys® & Advance® Pumps

We’re turning another page in providing tools to support our technical sales effort.

Genesys® and Advance® products are now indexed on Pumpflo (mdm.pumpflo.com).  It’s now very easy to specify pump performance that demonstrates how to meet customer requirements with the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

Genesys® and Advance® product literature has also been updated. Completely new brochures and individual data sheets for pump series impeller family are available at the MDM website (mdminc.com).  After plotting curves, pick the specific piece of literature that you need and pair that easily to present and submit technical packages to your customer.

In 2010, we released a version of the Advance® and Genesys® product binders. For those with binders, we would like to provide high quality three-hole punched updates to replace what you have been using.  For those who can use a binder, we need to get the right materials to you, and provide webinar updates where we have not done so in the past few months.