MDM Pumps CEO, Ben Ashe, Joins Koi Talk Podcast to Discuss the Evolution of Sequence Pumps and the Importance of Economical and Reliable Pond Pumping

Ben Ashe, CEO of MDM Pumps, recently appeared on the Koi Talk Podcast to discuss the fascinating history of Sequence pumps. These pumps, manufactured by MDM, are known for their exceptional performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. They have become the preferred choice for pond and water garden systems, setting new standards in the industry.

During the podcast, Ashe shared valuable insights into the evolution of Sequence pumps. He discussed MDM Pumps’ commitment to innovation and how it led to the development of these groundbreaking pumps. Ashe emphasized the importance of running an economical and reliable pump for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. Sequence pumps are designed to minimize power consumption while maximizing performance, resulting in reduced energy costs and hassle-free maintenance.

Ashe highlighted the continuous improvements made in Sequence pumps, including the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies like variable speed options and advanced motor designs. These advancements have further enhanced the pumps’ efficiency and performance, solidifying MDM Pumps’ position as an industry leader.

Investing in a Sequence pump offers pond owners a harmonious balance of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. With their exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and durability, Sequence pumps have become the trusted choice for pond enthusiasts worldwide. By choosing a Sequence pump, pond owners can ensure their ponds remain beautiful and tranquil for years to come.

Sequence 750 Pump with black Marathon Motor right angle view