The New Advance 4000 Pump

As a result of high demand in recirculation applications requiring flow rates above 60 GPM at lower head pressures, we’ve taken all the great things from the tried and true 1000 series and expanded them to the new 4000 series.

Achieving over 200 GPM and a max of 35 PSI, the 4000 broadens the range of performance in the Advance pump series.

Inlet and discharge ports are both increased to 2″

▪ Inner diameter connection of FNPT

▪ Outer diameter buttress threads for union adaptors

Field installations become less burdened; eliminating reducer-fitting and adapter-assembly costs and reducing fiction losses in pump systems.All units come standard with polypropylene casing.  All mechanical seal and elastomeric options are the same as the 1000 series. To view all technical and performance data, please visit: