We are excited to hear that one of our trusty Sequence 4000 8200SEQ22 pumps is out in the field helping children learn about pond management, aquaculture, and sustainability. Instructor Michael Krautzel of Garnet Valley Middle School was kind enough to report back with this encouraging update:

Garnet Valley Middle School continues to strive for aquatic knowledge. Our program started off with keeping roses, reef tanks, and fish tanks. Over the past two years, we added studying the art of koi keeping and Ranchu goldfish. It is during this time that we put in a 10000-gallon koi pond. In the koi research part of the curriculum, students have been focusing on koi history, genetics, breeders, and keeping good healthy water quality. The students meet these parts of the curriculum through research, guest speakers, and hands-on learning. It is through this daily interaction with their peers, teachers, and speakers that their knowledge of koi keeping has grown.

A vital part of our program is having the students do hands-on work. Not only do the students have to learn the science behind what they are doing, but they have to be able to implement their findings into their work. They have learned that keeping koi is an art form or science that can be learned. We are so proud of our students and what they have accomplished and learned at Garnet Valley Middle School and will continue to grow and learn well into the future. We are so grateful to have so many companies help us along the way. There have been so many companies that have been willing to donate their, time, knowledge, and products to make this happen for our students. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Michael Krautzel – Educator at Garnet Valley Middle School in Glen Mills, PA.

The Sequence 4000 humming along.

Real-world, on-site education.

Garnet students learning about pond management.

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