If you think choices made by your predecessors based on 1978 standards are good enough, . . .   then B73lean is NOT for you.

B73lean™ The Pump Pays for Itself!

For many applications, full compliance with the B73.1 standard can be a burden simply because you must pay for features you don’t need.

There is a more efficient alternative!

B73lean reduces minor features and cost while improving process performance and energy efficiency.  The result is a product that becomes a compatible replacement for ANSI/ASME 2-3-6 B73.1 pumps…all with lower acquisition costs, lower running costs and lower maintenance costs.

B73lean™ is easier to maintain

Its interchangeable design fits the old B73 input/output envelope but with a smaller footprint. Standard mounting, close coupled, direct back pull-out design eliminates alignment and calibration issues.


B73lean™ is less expensive to operate.

Smooth, resin-rich thermoset surfaces, elegantly simple design and fewer components make it far more efficient than the old pumps specified by

your predecessors.

B73lean Less Waste is More Profit.

Want proof?

Visit www.mdminc.com for case study proof that B73lean is Quieter, Uses Less Energy and Provides More Output, . . . paying for itself over and over.