As natural fisheries continue to decline in wild stock, land-based re-circulating aquaculture offers a sustainable solution to the world’s increasing appetite for sea food.  MDM Inc. is proud to be a major part of that solution.  Blue Oasis Pure shrimp, a Las Vegas based shrimp producer utilizes Sequence® Pumps exclusively throughout their facilities.

“Since 2001, we have done extensive research & development, in the field, on pump configurations and pump companies. We have found MDM to be the most reliable, trouble-free companies to work with. We at Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp believe Sequence® Pumps are durable, efficient and superior to other pumps we have found on the market.”

– Adrian Zettell
C.O.O. Blue Oasis Pure Shrimp

Shrimp Farm

For thirty years, Sequence® pumps have offered highest efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership.  The organization receives consistently high marks for customer service.  Ask us for referrals, while you ask us to help solve your most vexing pump performance problems.