MDM Receives Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant To Develop New Axial Flow Pump Technology


Post Update 4/13/2016 – Phase I and II SBIR grants has produced the prototype Qsys pump. For more information, data sheet, and etc, read the Qsys blog post.


MDM, the industry leader in efficiency, reliability and lowest total cost of ownership, celebrates another innovation milestone!

MDM has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant (SBIR – Phase II) to prototype a truly new axial-flow pump.  MDM successfully completed a Phase I SBIR in 2010, demonstrating the technological feasibility of the new axial-flow design, which achieves 75% efficiency.

“The Multi-Duti Manufacturing (MDM) team is not resting on its laurels after introducing the low-cost / high-performance Genesys B73lean product line in 2009,” according to Gene Ashe, President.  “In addition to having another large centrifugal pump tooling-ready, we’re set now to prototype a truly new high efficiency axial flow pump design.


From grant reviewer comments:

“One of the most significant research proposals related to RAS aquaculture I have ever reviewed. “

“Totally new design of a pump that yields a 75% efficiency is a significant achievement”

“A plan of work that may result in a significant advancement in the industry.”

For thirty years, MDM Advance and Sequence® product lines have offered the lowest total cost of ownership in water, wastewater and chemical processing pumps. Contact us to learn more about the axial flow product, in development, the B73lean high volume centrifugal pumps, or the Advance and Sequence® products.