Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Aquaculture Market

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Michael Paquette, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute writes: "As an aquaculture engineer, working with salt water systems, the pump on a system holding thousands of kilograms of fish is an important selection. To me, a good system pump will be reliable, energy efficient, quiet, and will put out lots flow at low head. Finding these traits in available

Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Aquarium Life Support Markets

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Landrys Restaurants or the Downtown Aquarium has replaced two long-coupled 3x2x6 Joe Jacques, Director of Life-Support for the Downtown Aquarium in Denver Colorado writes: "My name is Joe Jacques, and I'm the Life Support Manager for the Downtown Aquarium in Denver. My staff and I are responsible for the maintenance and operations of

B73lean™ The Pump Pays for Itself!

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If you think choices made by your predecessors based on 1978 standards are good enough, . . .   then B73lean™ is NOT for you. B73lean™ The Pump Pays for Itself! For many applications, full compliance with the B73.1 standard can be a burden simply because you must pay for features you don’t need. There

Genesys Pumps Gain High Acceptance in Waste Water Treatment Markets

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International Rectifier has replaced a Fybroc 3x2x6 Rick Blunt, Facilities Maintenance Team Leader at International Rectifier Corporation writes: We purchased these pumps on the recommendation of our local vendor, who said that I would be very pleased with the performance.  Upon delivery of the units I was concerned about their ability to do


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