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Sequence® and ValuFlo® pumps are the leaders in high efficiency and performance.  Our brands are the name you can trust to provide the lowest cost of ownership. Their longevity is legendary.  If overall value is the benchmark, MDM Pumps are the standard.

What Our Clients Say

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“Since 2001, we have done extensive research and development, in the field, on pump configurations and pump companies. We have found MDM to be the most reliable, trouble-free company to work with. We at Pure Aquatic Resources believe Sequence® Pumps are durable, efficient and superior to other pumps we have found in the market.”

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“As a Koi breeder, downtime in a filtration system is a matter of profit and loss. When you install a pump in 1986, and now in 2016 it’s still running, one has to contemplate how profitable a simple pump can make an operation like ours. Sequence pumps are the only pumps for us!”

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“MDM pumps have been providing efficient and reliable performance for our aquaponics farms since 2011. Ben and the MDM team have regularly followed up with us to see how we are doing. Even as a relatively small customer we feel important and we know the support is there if we need it.”



Sequence® and Valuflo® pumps can serve a wide variety of water transfer and re-circulation applications.  They are designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of flows and pressures.  In larger systems, you can use two or more pumps in parallel to multiply your flow.  They can also be customized for saltwater use.

Latest News

For over 40 years our passion for rigorous research and development has yielded an extensive portfolio of disruptive pump technology. Continuing in this tradition the best is yet to come.

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Our pump experts are standing by to help no matter the size or scope.

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