ValuFlo 750 Pump Series

ValuFlo 750 Pump Series


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The compact ValuFlo® 750 series delivers big flow for little power. Great for smaller and simple ponds (3,000 gallons or less). The motor is totally-enclosed fan-cooled for durability. 115V only. 18 month limited warranty. Supplied with an 8-foot cord set. Made in the USA.



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Economy with Efficiency: The Name of the Game!

The people behind ValuFlo® pumps named the product line to reflect the stringent set of standards against which ValuFlo® performance is measured. ValuFlo® products were designed to achieve a unique level of economy – with high efficiency in a reliable, long-life pump. ValuFlo® products offer extremely low total cost of ownership.

• High efficiency – Inefficient pumps simply cost more to operate. Savings from efficient ValuFlo® pumps often more than pay the difference between ValuFlo® and other pumps.

• Long life – It takes time, as well as extra money to replace a failing pump. Although we all expect products to outlive their warranty, the length of the warranty is an expression of manufacturer expectations about service life. Compare the length of product warranties, as if replacement is required at the end of the warranty.

• Lower price – With designs based on the highest performance pumps in the industry, mated to solid commercial-duty motors, ValuFlo® products offer great throughput and extremely low total cost of ownership.

The name of the game is ValuFlo® – for efficiency, for longevity. ValuFlo® is simply the best value! From the compact model 750 and workhorse model 1000, there is a pump for every application. All units are assembled and pre-tested in our Colorado manufacturing facility.

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