Stop pouring money into an inferior and costly pump!

Say Goodbye To:

  • High Operating Costs

    Submersible pumps that don’t provide the flow you want, fail early, and consume too much energy.

  • High Maintenance

    Submersible pumps are prone to clogging and require frequent maintenance, which involves taking the pump out of the pond demanding your precious time.

  • Frequent Replacement

    Submersible pumps require wiring that take electricity into the pond come with inherent risks to the operator and all aquatic life.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way…

“As a Koi breeder, downtime in a filtration system is a matter of profit and loss.  When you install a pump in 1987, and now in 2016 it’s still running, one has to contemplate how profitable a simple pump can make an operation like ours.  Sequence pumps are the only pumps for us!”


There Is An Alternative

Save Money & Save Time With Sequence® Pumps

Buy Today & Get Back To Enjoying Your Pond!

Buy Today & Get Back To Enjoying Your Pond!

Say Hello To:

  • Low Operating Cost

    External pumps are designed for continuous operation, with high efficiency motors, providing the lowest operating cost.

  • Lower Maintenance

    Pumps set with fixed plumbing are far less susceptible to clogging due to use of strainers that catch debris yet keep a clear flow path to the pump inlet.

  • Longer Service Life

    External pumps are wired like an appliance, with conventional ground fault interruption and no electrical path into the body of water keeping everything safe and operational.

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