Advance Basket Strainer (PF)


Our medium-duty PF model strainers have a clear or gray PVC body and a basket made of stainless steel or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The standard port dimension is a 2” male thread that comes with adaptors that have a slip port. You can expect higher quality molding processing, finer materials, and excellent performance.





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Advance is molded out of high-quality glass-filled Noryl®, which gives it many advantages. It has good resistance to most acids, alkalis, and inorganics. Noryl® has excellent tensile strength, very low water absorption, and a continuous temperature rating of 194° F. We also offer polypropylene. The design of the pump, coupled with the chosen resins, produces a strong, durable, versatile unit. When used with the patented Impenatra® seal, the fluid pumped does not contact any metal parts. This allows it to properly handle many applications at a fraction of the cost of exotic alloys.

Typical applications serviced by the Advance 1000 include laser coolers, filtration systems, deionized water transfer, wastewater reclamation, pressure spray systems, fountains, plating chemical transfer and recirculation, fume scrubbers, pollution control equipment, and transfer of chemical process fluids.

Here is a small sampling of the chemicals handled:
• Sodium Hydroxide (10%) • Ammonium Hydroxide (10%) • Sodium Bicarbonate (SAT.) • Ammonium Phosphate (SAT.) • Potassium Bicarbonate (SAT.) • Demineralized Water • Ferric Chloride (SAT.) • Ethylene Glycol • Acetic Acid (10%) • Nitric Acid (10%) • Hydrochloric Acid (10%, 37%) • Sulphuric Acid (10%, 60%) • Nickel Plating Solutions

Engineered for high efficiency, Advance impellers are available as semi-open or enclosed to accommodate a wide variety of flows, pressures and fluids. The standard impeller trims deliver the performances listed at 60 HZ. [3450 RPM]. Contact factory for 50Hz performances.

The pump can be close coupled to a 56J motor or mounted to a bearing pedestal. Both single and three phase motors in ODP and TEFC enclosures are readily available. An adapter kit is available to convert a 56C keyed-shaft motor to a 56J mount. A variety of elastomers, seals, impellers, and motors, can be combined to meet your exact requirements. All units are bench tested prior to shipping.

We are structured to sell unassembled pump ends, as well as completely assembled pump and motor units. We specialize in serving OEM’s and distributors throughout the world.

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