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Life Support Systems

The aquatic counterpart of a zoo houses aquatic animals and plant specimens for public viewing. It is a living space in which MDM takes much pride. From the POV of the rugged and durable MDM Pumps, they enjoy of an easy life of moving ultra-polished, full strength sea water throughout some of the most exotic and beautiful exhibits in the world. The Genesys® B73Lean® pump design conforms to many ANSI/ASME and AZA (American Zoological Association) specifications. These pumps lead the way in efficiency and longevity.

From large Dolphin and Walrus pools to small scale Sea Dragon and Jelly Fish displays, MDM Pumps are the top choice for Life Support Systems (LSS) that are mission critical and rated for continuous duty. Our reputation and relationship with our clients extends beyond most traditional B2B affiliations. Operators and Curators are considered good friendships to MDM that last a lifetime.

  • Filtration

  • Recirculation

  • Aeration

  • Treatment

Recommended Products

Advance 1000 Pump with green Leeson Motor right angle view

Advance 1000

Advance 3000 Pump with blue Leeson Motor right angle view

Advance 3000

Advance 4000 Pump with black WEG Motor right angle view

Advance 4000

Genesys 3x2x6 with blue WEG Motor left angle view

Genesys 3x2-6 Model

Genesys 4x3x9 Pump right side view

Genesys 4x3-9 Model

C-Shell 3x2-10 Pump with blue WEG Motor left angle view

C•Shell 3×2-10

C-Shell 4x3-11 Pump with blue WEG Motor left angle view

C-Shell 4×3-10

C-Shell 6x5-11 Pump with blue WEG Motor left angle view

C•Shell 6×5-11

Our Pumps In Action

Wonders Of Wildlife

Among many of Johnny Morris’ conservation endowments, we feel privileged to be a part of one of the most impressive, Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquariumthe largest, most immersive conservation attraction in the world is located in the heart of America in Springfield, Missouri USA.

MDM Pumps Wonders of Wildlife Museum aquarium installation side view

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