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Sizing Your Pump with

PUMP-FLO® is designed to assist end users in pump sizing and selection. This unique software application allows customers to search MDM Pumps Industrial catalog based on their system design requirements. Users can also size and select centrifugal pumps based on design-specific system requirements.

This tool provides a place for customers to find the best pump solution to meet their needs, enter in design requirements, save lists, compare performance curves, gain access to energy costs per pump, and ascertain valuable insight in order to make a wise purchase.

MDM Pump Selector instructions, step one


Login using your credentials or sign up for a new account.

MDM Pump Selector instructions, step two


Choose your frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz and then select which pump line you want to size.

MDM Pump Selector instructions, step three


Fill in all of the specific criteria for the pump model you selected. Use the Calculators, Advanced Criteria and Manual Selection menu links for further control over your data output. If you have any questions about how to use this tool contact our sales team.