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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Oceans Design is a full-service aquaculture design and consulting firm, based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They specialize in equipment and complete aquatic holding systems engineered to raise and care for a variety of aquatic animals.  Their clients range from large commercial aquaculture facilities, research institutions, to education programs for high schools and universities.

Rooted in a strong OEM-partner relationship for over 16 years, together MDM and Oceans Design have deployed a collective of disruptive fluid process technology.  From high-intensity, high-efficiency land-based RAS systems to unparalleled sea water intake techniques, this team is increasing market share by significant volumes. 

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Oceans Design


Commercial land-based recirculating aquaculture Systems.  Automated process systems for seawater applications.

“My new GENESYS® pump provided more time for other projects and less headaches, not to mention the significant savings in equipment and labor.”

MIKE PAQUETTE, Oceans Design

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MDM Pumps Oceans Design installation
MDM Pumps Oceans Design installation
MDM Pumps Oceans Design installation

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