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Chemical Pumps

Process fluid purity and corrosion resistance are essential elements in maintaining viability and economy in many critical manufacturing operations. With a wide range of flow and pressure capabilities, MDM non-metallic pumps are very well-suited to service in such aggressive applications. Advance, Genesys® B73Lean® and C•Shell® product lines are designed to suit low, medium and high flow / pressure combinations, from under 50 to over 3000 gallons per minute, and up to 300 feet of dynamic head. Each pump model is designed to lead the way in efficiency and longevity.

For pumping acids and inorganics, on a small scale and large, MDM Pumps are a top choice for chemical processing applications that are mission critical and continuous duty. The MDM reputation and relationship with clients extends beyond most traditional B2B affiliations. The installed base goes back forty years, with customers coming back time and again.

  • Manufacturing

  • Treatment

  • Processing

  • Transfer

Recommended Products

Advance 1000 Pump with green Leeson Motor right angle view

Advance 1000

Advance 3000 Pump with blue Leeson Motor right angle view

Advance 3000

Advance 4000 Pump with black WEG Motor right angle view

Advance 4000

Genesys 3x2x6 with blue WEG Motor left angle view

Genesys 3x2-6

Genesys 4x3x9 Pump right side view

Genesys 4x3-9

C-Shell 3x2-10 Pump with blue WEG Motor left angle view

C•Shell 3×2-10

C-Shell 4x3-11 Pump with blue WEG Motor left angle view

C-Shell 4×3-10

C-Shell 6x5-11 Pump with blue WEG Motor left angle view

C•Shell 6×5-11

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