Sequence® Advantage Strainer
500 Cubic Inch

Sequence® Advantage Strainer
500 Cubic Inch


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We offer a few different options of strainer baskets for those applications that demand debris interception as well as a simple priming configuration. Our 500 Cubic Inch Advantage Strainer Baskets are sold with 2” union adapters. All units come complete with an internal strainer assembly and gasket seals.






Sequence pumps are manufactured to quality standards that meet the most stringent investment requirements. And just what is the most difficult investment standard to meet? The standard set by those who understand the true cost of ownership. The true cost of ownership goes beyond the purchase price. When considering a pump for an aquatic system, longevity, efficiency, operating costs and ease of use must be considered when arriving at the actual cost of the investment. In addition, the purchase of a Sequence pump is an investment in the future. Since we choose to plow profits back into new product development, you can count on the fact that there will always be a new Sequence pump in the future… and one that will be an even better investment! Sequence is the leader in high efficiency, external pumps for water features and koi ponds. From the compact model 750 and workhorse model 1000 to the self-priming, integrated basket strainer, and power series models, there is a pump for every application. All units are assembled and pre-tested in our Colorado manufacturing facility.

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